Chic and Trendy Baby Shower Ideas and Tips

Published: 01st May 2009
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Let's talk about a few chic baby shower themes that are trendy, fashionable, and in for this season. From A Mommy Chic Baby Shower to A Hollywood Red Carpet Baby Event, there are so many great ideas you can use for party favors, food, games, and décor that will make your baby shower the top event of the season.

Today, there are so many chic maternity wear boutiques and brands in the market. This is because of the recent trend towards a hip, chic pregnancy. Who says that moms have to be old and boring? Nowadays, moms can be cool and hip. Having a baby should not be perceived as an act that is related to aging, rather, it should be seen as a sign of rejuvenation.

A Mommy Chic Baby Shower is all about fashion! This is a great baby shower theme option for young moms, or fashionable moms of any age. You can find lots of fashion themed decorations in your local party décor store. A color scheme like pink, white, and black will add a girly and sophisticated touch to your baby shower. Begin by setting your tables with pink tablecloths and black disposable dinnerware.

If you can find polka dotted tablecloths, these will look even more high fashion and feminine. Decorate the party space with banners and props in the form of handbags and shoes, and order lovely flower bouquets as centerpieces. A good idea for party favors is to buy party bags in the shape of handbags and fill them up with goodies like lip-glosses, nail polish, and candy. Depending on your budget, prizes can range from high fashion accessories like designer wristlets to cosmetic essentials like lip-glosses or nail polishes.

Designer wristlets are often sold for under $50, and if you are able to go to an outlet store, wristlets can cost you from $30 to $40. Cosmetics can be purchased separately or in sets; a great cosmetics store with a lot of variety is Sephora. If there is no Sephora near your area, visit for great deals.

An important detail in a Chic Mommy Baby Shower that cannot be forgotten is, of course, the mommy's outfit. Make sure to visit a chic fashion store or boutique to find a cute, trendy outfit for the mommy-to-be!

For A Red Carpet Baby Event Theme, the most essential item is-obviously, the red carpet. Check your local home store for good deals on a long, red carpet. Set it down in the middle of your party space, and set your tables on both sides. Elegant colors like black or silver will look great as tablecloths, and will add glamour to the Hollywood theme.

Decorate the party space with stars, shiny streamers, and bright, vibrant decorations. Set up the red carpet with a glamorous background so that your guests can take pictures in. A fun activity to have for your guests is a karaoke contest. There are endless possibilities for this theme, so be creative!

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